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Machine electrical source is three live wire and one zero line.Three live wires are respectively connected with row A,B,C ,and zero line with N besides electromagnetism clique public zero line , U,V,W connected with electrical engine of roll forming machine ,U1,V1,W1 with oil pump electrical engine,droping reamer electromagnetism clique control line with K1(11),and ascending reamer electromagnetism clique control line with K2(12).

  1. SET鍵修改選擇鍵;ENT鍵確認鍵。ESC 已工作長度清零鍵,ALM 已工作張數清零鍵,∧,∨畫面轉換鍵。CLR 改數時清零鍵。0——9 數字直選鍵。
Illumination of key-press
SET is amending and selecting key ;ENT is affirming key ;ESC is the key to clear work longth ;ALM is the key to clear woor sheet numbers; ∧,∨ is menu transition key ;CLR is the key to clear altered numbers.0—9 is keeping choosing key.
Simple operation
Recloser is wrested to close position Before sending electricity (negative hour hand )
  1. 按下油泵啟動鈕。注意油泵電機轉向。
  2. Press oil pump start-up button. Notice turnaround of oil pump electrical engine .
  3. 按住瓦機前進,將板走到刀口外,按住剪刀降切斷板,按剪刀升將刀升到上限位。
  4. Press tile machine and go ahead ,make the plate go to the outer of knife-edge,press scissors and decline to cut off board,press scissors and ascend the reamer to upper limit location.
  5. 顯示工作畫面狀態下,按ALM鍵清零當前張數;按ESC鍵清零當前長度。
  6. When showing work menu predicament ,press the key of ALM to clear current sheet numbers;press ESC key to clear current length.
  7. 顯示工作畫面狀態下,按SET鍵選擇長度或張數。(按一次SET鍵,張數數值被黑框框住,再按一次,長度數值被框住,每按一次SET,張數和長度交替被框住一次,數值只有被框住變成黑色時才可以改變)。按CLR鍵清零。按數字鍵輸入。(由高位向個位。例:12張;輸入1234輸入3400MM)。
  8. When showing work menu predicament ,press SET key and choose length or sheet numbers.(press once SET key,and count of sheet number is circled by black frame.Press again, length numerical value is circled;Press SET key at a time,sheet number and length is circled by turns, numerical value is changed when it is circled to turn into black ).Press CLR to clear.
  9. ENT鍵確認。(數值改完必須按ENT鍵,否則無效)
  10. Press ENT to make sure(Press ENT after changing numerical value,or else it is of no effect. )
  11. 全部設完后擰開自動開關(順時針擰一下),機器按設定數據開始工作。工作完成后機器自動停止。如果相同長度還需要繼續工作,只要按一下ALM鍵(已切張數清零鍵),機器就會按照顯示屏上設定的數再工作一遍。如果需要變換長度應把自動開關擰回。然后再設定下一個生產任務。并且注意下次啟動自動前清零已切張數(按一下顯示屏上ALM鍵)。
  12. After seting up,wrest recloser(wrest in agreeable hour hand ),the machine work according to enacting data,and stop automatically after the work is completed.If it need continue to work with same length,press ALM key(the key to clear woor sheet numbers),the machine will work again according to enacting data of show screen.If it need to chang length , wrest the automatic recloser back.And then enact next production task.And notice before starting up auto next time to clear already cutted sheet numbers(press ALM key in show screen).
  13. 中途停機只需把自動開關擰回(逆時針擰一下),繼續工作時再擰開自動開關即可。
  14. Wrest automatic recloser if it need to stop machine in midway(negative hour hand);if it continue to work ,you open automatic recloser.
  15. 如果板的長度和要求不相符,按 ∧  鍵或鍵至調整畫面,在原補償量基礎上重新調整補償量加或補償量減。(校正前板長度+補償量加-補償量減=校正后板長度)
  16. If the length of plate does not agree with request,press ∧key or ∨key to adjust menu,and readjust compensate quantity adding or compensate quantity reducing in the base of original compensate quantity.(emending front board length+ compensate quantity adding - compensate quantity reducing=board length after emending)
  17. 減速距離為變頻機用,一般為200毫米,普通機此數值無意義。
  18. Decelerating distance is used by frequency conversion engine and commonly is 200mm,and general engine is inanition for the numerical value.
Break down exclusion
Manus can work ,but self-motion can’t work;
1 已切張數大于或等于設定張數。處理方法:清零當前張數(按一下ALM鍵)。
Already cutted sheet nmuber is big in or equal to enacting sheet nmuber.Handling method:to clear current sheet number(press ALM key)
Sheet number or length is not enacted.
Recloser button is damaged.(It can be replaced by LAY3 series knob in random brand)
Manus and self-motion can’t work ,and show screen can’t  display.
Electrical source is abnormal.
Fuse is melt and break. Handling method:repalce and examine if electromagnetism valve is damaged.(fuse model is 6A)
Manus and self-motion can’t work ,and pressure table display less than 200V,and shouw screen have show.
Zero line is turnoff. Examine zero line of outer of computer.
If only wrest automatic cutting reamer and go upwards at all times.
1 上限位開關斷路性損壞。
Upper limit location switch is turnoff and damaged .
Electromaganetism val Electromaganetism valve ve is locked . Handling method: turn off oil pump,use screwdriver to disclose manus replacement pin of electromaganetism valve  in come-and-go .First disclose from the low end, then disclose from two ends in come-and go,until you disclose and feel elasticity by hand .
If only open oil pump,cutting reamer goes upward at all times.
Electromaganetism valve is locked.Handling method: close oil pump , Electromaganetism valve,until you feel elasticity.
If electromaganetism valve is often locked ,you need chang oil and clean out  Electromaganetism valve .

Noticng proceeding:
1 Give your attention to safety when the facility is busywork with electrification.The facility is connected with safe ground line.
2 At any time don’t put your hands or eyewinker to knife-edge.
3 electric facility is prevented from rain and sun shine;counter is avoid to strike by forcible matters;line is prevented from bump and break by plate.
4 machine cooperation movement part often add lube.

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